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The domain expertise of SECON comprises:

Design Consultancy and Engineering Services

1.Water, Sanitation and Stormwater Engineering(Public Health Engineering)
2. Highway Engineering and Construction Supervision
3. Irrigation, Flood Control and Water Management
4. Electrical Network Distribution Engineering
5. Oil and Gas Pipeline Transportation Routing and Feasibility
6. Web enabled GIS Driven Software Development and Database Creation for Infrastructure (Public Health Engineering, Highway, Irrigation, Pipeline, and Electrical) Networks and Assets. Also includes GIS for Topographic, Cadastral, Environmental and Urban Planning.
7. Software development to improve productivity for Engineering Design and Drafting (CAD) fields.
8. Civil and Structural Design
9. Town Planning and Urban Development
10. Environmental Engineering and Environmental Impact Assessments and Permitting
11. Assistance in Right of Use Acquisition and Permitting

Investigation and Services

1. Land Surveying for Topographic, Cadastral Mapping, Construction Supervision and Hydrographic Surveys
2. Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Investigations
3. Ground water and Resistivity Surveys
4. Underwater Leak Detection and Turnkey Solutions
5. Photogrammetry, LiDar, Satellite Image Processing and Remote Sensing and generation of 3D Digital Terrain and City models.
6. GIS Data Conversion and Maintenance
7. Route Planning, 3D Corridor Mapping, Generation of GIS database
8. Exploration, Mine Survey & Planning
9. Terrain Evaluation and Geological Appraisal
10. Water Distribution System Leak Detection, Pressure Monitoring and GIS Based Asset Management Services
11. Detection of Underground Utilities using Ground Penetrating Radar and Associated Tools.

SECON has long-term partnerships with international engineering firms and can operate in most areas of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. SECON prefers the partnering model for its US and European areas of operations. SECON has a strong and ongoing partnership with European, Middle Eastern and North African companies for both Indian and International projects. SECON is registered with Asian Development Bank (ADB) and DACON (World Bank) to provide consultancy services.

SECON has the following standing in India:

  • The largest private (non-government) Land surveying and Mapping firm in India for Topographic and Cadastral mapping.
  • A dominant firm in the field of pipeline corridor mapping and providing assistance for acquiring Right of Use and ROW for land in India
  • The largest private (non-government) mapping and design firm for irrigation and water management projects
  • One of the largest private (non-government) highway mapping, design and construction supervision firms in India
  • One of the largest and most experienced firms for Land Acquisition assistance and has developed customized software for automation of this complex process.
  • One of the few Engineering Consultants to have a National Accreditation Board Laboratories (NABL) Accredited laboratory for Soil Testing.
  • The first private (non government) company to execute LiDar flying and processing services in India. SECON now the largest LiDar Data processing company in India.

SECON has executed over:

  • 65,000 km of large-scale Pipeline Corridor Mapping – this includes Route Engineering, Topographical and Cadastral Mapping and Rights-of-Way Acquisition assistance and management. This is the largest amount of Pipeline Corridor mapping done by any corporation in India.
  • 15000 km of mapping, design, and construction supervision of highways.
  • 1,195,000 Hectares of large-scale mapping (topographical and cadastral) for Irrigation projects. This includes the Topographic and Cadastral Mapping of 6000 sq km for the World Bank Aided Uttar Pradesh Water System Restructuring Project
  • 795,000 Hectares of Irrigation and Water Management design projects
  • 600 infrastructure development projects (includes subdivision/township mapping, design and planning) which includes construction supervision and quality control for the International Tech Park (ITPL) in Bangalore.
  • 600,000 meters of geotechnical investigation and drilling in various soil strata including investigations for the Bangalore International Airport.
  • SECON has completed a major multimillion dollar mapping and consulting project for the planning and design of the Water and Sanitation system for 13 municipalities (100 settlements) in Libya. The capital expenditure of the project is around 2.5 billion US$.
  • SECON has successfully completed the Multi Million Dollar Contract for Project Management Consultancy Services for Up Gradation of important Road Corridors in Bangalore Urban and Rural Districts for a length of 1004 km. Estimated capital expenditure of the project is 9.96 Billion Rupees(US $ 220 million).
  • SECON was responsible for fixing alignment for 3 Expressways with the aid of high resolution stereo satellite imageries for the first time in India.
  • SECON has successfully completed more than 500,000 sq km of LiDar, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Projects as of August 2010.
  • Presently, carrying out mapping of more than 45,000 acres (180 sq km) of built-up areas across municipal limits and in the adjoining urban areas of Mysore City.

SECON has a state of the art 105,000 sq ft ISO 9001:2008 certified operations center set on a 2.5-acre campus in Bangalore that is fully owned by the company.

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