Engineering Survey, Planning and Design of Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water, Road, Electrical, and Telecommunication networks for 100 TOWNS in Libya.


The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya had planned to implement project for Water Supply, Sewerage System, Storm Water System, Electrical Power Network and Road Lighting System, Telecommunication Distribution Network System and Roads in all the settlements in Libya

SECON successfully completed the project in record time. The National Consulting Bureau(NCB) Libya, GECOL and GPTC authorities reviewed the deliverables and lauded the high quality of design deliverable submitted.

SECON was awarded the Best Project for Urban Infrastructure 2011 by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), India for the completion of this project


  • Survey and Investigation - 100 Towns
  • Key components designed for 96 Towns:
  • Water Supply Distribution Network System - 2500 Kms
  • Water Transport Main - 480 kms
  • Ground Level Reservoirs - 75 Nos. (100 cum to 17000 cum capacity)
  • Elevated/Over Head Tanks - 79 Nos. (100 cum to 2000 cum capacity)
  • Water Treatment Plant - 45 Nos. (0.5 MLD to 84 MLD capacity)
  • Water Pumping Stations - 93 Nos.
  • Sewerage Collection System - 2000 kms
  • Sewerage Transport Main - 350 kms
  • Sewage Treatment Plant - 73 Nos. (0.3 MLD to 64 MLD capacity)
  • Sewage Pumping Station - 317 Nos.
  • Storm Water Collection Network - 1215 kms
  • Storm Water Pumping Stations - 25 Nos.
  • Total Nos. of Drawing Generated - 108,000

SECON provided engineering input for Survey, Geotechnical Investigations, Hydraulic, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Engineering, Environmental, GIS and Engineering, Procurement, Quantity Surveying and Construction scheduling.


Engineering Survey

  • Review available reports and information
  • Establish horizontal and vertical controls for the entire project area using DGPS and precision Total Stations
  • Preparation of Master Plan for 100 Towns
  • Digitization of Master Plan and incorporating Land use information
  • Survey all existing and proposed roads in 100 Towns
  • Post pointing of all the horizontal and vertical control on the Quick Bird (QB) Satellite Imagery enlargement
  • Digitization of all the planimetric details from the ortho-rectified QB imagery
  • Field verification and site validation

Geotechnical Investigation

  •   Rock core drilling to obtain samples
  • Standard Penetration Test and collection of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples
  •   Excavation of trial test pits up to 5 meter depth and visually ascertain subsoil stratification
  •   Perform physical analysis and chemical analysis on soil and water samples. Analyze laboratory test results and calculate safe bearing capacity
  •   Electrical Resistivity Tests along proposed water and sewage pipeline alignment up to a depth of 5 meters and ascertain degree of corrosivity of sub-soil
  • Recommend safe bearing capacity of soil for proposed structures

Water Supply System Design of

  • Water Treatment Plant including Selection of Process
  • Water Transport Pipeline - Surge and Economic Analysis
  • Distribution Network
  •   Water Pumping Station, Ancillary buildings, Generator room, Operator’s quarters, Gate house etc.
  • Control system between source and distribution points
  • Ground Level Reservoirs, Overhead/Elevated Water Tanks
  • Water purification system

Sewerage System Design of

  • Sewerage Treatment Plant including Selection of Process
  • Sewerage Transport Pipeline
  • Sewage Collection Network
  • Sewage Pumping Station, Ancillary buildings, Generator room etc.
  • Effluent treatment and disposal/reuse

Storm Water Collection and Disposal System Hydrology

  • Collection and analysis of rainfall data
  • Define catchments
  • Estimate runoff

Design of

  • Storm Water Collection Network - close conduit as well as open channels
  • Storm Water Transport Pipeline
  • Pumping Station, Ancillary building, Generator room etc.
  • Collection Tanks/Reservoirs
  • Preparation of Tender Documents, Cost Estimate, Bill of Quantities (English and Arabic), Technical reports, Survey report, Soil Investigation report and laying down Specifications for the utilities designed

Electrical Power Network and Road Lighting Network

  • SECON has designed Electrical Power Network and Road Lighting System for 21 Towns in Tripoli Region, Libya. Services provided by SECON included
  • Identifying source of power supply to the town, location of existing transformers and its load
  • Existing distribution network data collection and condition survey
  • Design of medium voltage and low voltage distribution system
  • Preparation of electrical power network layout plan, primary and secondary feeders, transformer buildings and switching stations
  • Road / Street lighting arrangement
  • Design carried out as per General Electric Company, Libya (GECOL) specifications/practices
  • Preparation of Technical Report, Cost Estimate, Tender Documents, Specification and Bill of Quantities (English and Arabic)

Telecommunication Distribution Network

SECON provided Telecommunication Distribution Network System design for 20 Towns in Tripoli Region, Libya. Services rendered by SECON included

  • Identifying the Exchange location and tap off point for the town
  • Collection of existing data
  • Design of primary and secondary distribution network with Optical Fibre Cable (OFC)
  • Design of ducts for primary and secondary distribution cables
  • Planning DLC systems as interface between OFC and Copper cables
  • Sizing and location of Distribution Point Boxes
  • Design carried out as per General Post and Telecommunication Company (GPTC) Libya, specifications
  • Preparation of Technical Report, Cost Estimate, Tender Documents, Specification and Bill of Quantities (English and Arabic)