Pipeline is the heart of Oil and Gas transportation. There is an increasing demand for sophisticated and advanced tools to cater to manage the entire lifecycle of a pipeline from Implementation, Asset Management, Operation and Maintenance.

SECON has developed the Pipeline Asset Management System(PAMS) as a comprehensive software for this purpose.

Key Features

  • GIS database capable of storing integrated Geographic data like Base maps, Cadastral maps, Corridor maps, etc.
  • Intelligent Route Selection System optimizing the time and effort put to finalize the pipeline route,
  • Efficient Document / Asset Management System for easy retrieval of design, legal & quality documents
  • Disaster Management System
  • User friendly map Navigation Tools
  • 3D Terrain and Pipe Visualization
  • Web-based Pipeline Maintenance, Data Capturing and Monitoring System
  • On-the-fly management of Right-of-Use data
  • The application is robust enough to add new feature codes as and when required.


  • Route Selection
  • Corridor Management
  • Document Management System
  • Disaster Management
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • 3D Module

General benefits

  • Maintaining master database of entire Pipeline information for ease of use
  • Accessibility through LAN/WAN/WEB
  • Customized report generation
  • Faster & efficient data access with better decision making platform
  • During Construction:
  • Project Monitoring
  • Post construction
  • Easy accessibility to all relevant information/documents
  • Supports Operation and Maintenance
  • Supports Disaster Management
  • Ready data for planning & using in future parallel pipelines

Major Projects

  • Mehsana -Bhatinda (PIMS)
  • Bhatinda-Jammu (PIMS)
  • Mallavaram-Bhiwara (PIMS)
  • Pipeline Asset Management System [PAMS-AMC]