ASG-WP provides an efficient and effective way to generate database driven Alignment sheets, Cross sections and various Reports. Besides generating alignment sheets, it allows handling of engineering data.

ASG-WP eliminates manual or semi-automated alignment sheet generation and engineering data management, which consume a lot of time and effort.

ASG-WP Features

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) User Interface
  • Generate seamless database driven alignment sheets using from survey data stored in a CSV text file.
  • Extensive security mechanisms with hardware lock and user access management features.
  • Facility to read and store AutoCAD drawing into database for future use
  • Generation of Engineering drawings
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Generation and management of alignment sheets
  • Establishment of bill of quantities(BOQ) automatically and automated generation of BOQ reports.
  • Survey data management and reproduction
  • Systematic arrangement of drawing objects into relevant layers for ready reference and analysis
  • Creation and maintenance of template files for effective and efficient presentation of data
  • Feature Code manager (symbology and labelling)
  • Facility to customize Join Type for point features specified in your CSV file
  • Facility to add new column delimiters
  • Sheet indexing and match line management
  • Extract entities and their attributes from an AutoCAD drawing
  • Upload data from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file
  • Generation of alignment sheets and crossings
  • Advance option to standardize drawing files using user standard settings
  • Automatic split feature in plan and profile section
  • Numerical bands with tailoring options
  • Dynamic help


  • Significantly reduce cost, time and manpower for generation of design and drawings.
  • Database driven design for proper management and efficient storage and retrieval of drawings.
  • Intelligent user interface makes it easy to learn within a few hours.
  • Instant access to reports


Partnering with SECON in developing an automated alignment sheet and reporting software was extremely successful and rewarding. Not to forget the ongoing excellent, prompt and friendly customer service. We truly found in SECON a partner we can trust and our close relationship will surely carry us into the future.

Thus, we can only recommend SECON as the partner you are looking for..
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