SECON provides comprehensive Electrical Engineering Solutions for Electrical Distribution Systems and for support in Irrigation and Public Health systems.

SECON has won National acclaim by being awarded the Best Project for Urban Infrastructure 2011 for its comprehensive infrastructure design services for 100 townships in Libya which also included Electrical Distribution design.

Scope of Work

Consultancy, Planning and Design of

Support Engineering Design for PHE (Public Health Engineering)

  • Water pumping and Treatment Stations
  • Sewage pumping and Treatment Stations
  • Storm water drain
  • Rate analysis, assessment of quantity, bill of quantities and cost estimation
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Project implementation and supervision
  • Energy audit and energy management

Validation of available data and survey form the foundation for Planning, Engineering and Design - SECON has reasonable experience in

  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed project report for refurbishing existing electricity Distribution system.
  • Electrical load projection for short term project and long term project
  • Investigation of sources “Generating Station/sub-station /receiving station”, EHT/HT lines and route
  • Existing population
  • Population growth rate.
  • Land use pattern
  • Priority of development
  • Validation of data collected
  • Feasibility and detailed project report
  • Highway/ Road / street lighting based on the traffic movement and the luminance required
  • Renovation and modernization of existing system
  • Markedly new product for foreseeing areas

SECON can provide Engineering support for Public Health Engineering projects

  • Validation of the requirement
  • Surveying the existing system
  • Studying the feasibility of cable /line route
  • Design Electrical system and project report against requirement for Water pumping and Treatment Stations, Sewage pumping and Treatment Stations, Storm water drain.

Rate analysis, detailed quantity assessment, bill of quantities and cost estimates

  • Preparation of rate analysis for major items as per specifications.
  • The rate analysis will also take into account the other materials for the project
  • The rates of materials, equipment and labour will be based on the prevailing market rates/Government rates
  • Preparation of Bill of quantities of all items classifying the same under various heads.
  • Cost estimation for the project based on the above.

Preparation of tender documents.

  • Finalization of the technical specification for the various components of the project.
  • Preparation of detailed specification.
  • Preparation of tender documents.

Project implementation and supervision is possible

  • Supervision and quality control of the work daily.
  • Checking and certification of quantities used as per the specifications laid down in the tender document
  • Certification of bills.
  • Assisting client in clearing arbitration if any.
  • Identification of approved variation from the tender drawing.

Energy auditing and energy management system

  • Validation of the data given of the plant/industry
  • Studying the process chain
  • Physical verification of each equipment
  • Assessment of efficiency of each equipments functioning
  • Identification of out-dated process system and equipments.
  • Suggestion to improve the system computing the energy saving.

SECON has experienced senior engineers to provide viable and effective solutions for

  • Refurbishing existing Micro and Mini Hydel stations.
  • Refurbishing existing High tension and Low tension distribution network.
  • Refurbishing existing street lighting
  • New high tension distribution network, low tension distribution network.
  • Energy auditing and energy management.

Major Projects


Consultancy Services for Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water, Electrical Town Distribution Network and Roads for 101 Towns in Tripoli Region

  • Electrical LT & HT power Distribution network and street/road lighting system with UG cable – Complete design with detailed project report for 60 settlements having area from 25Ha to 4300Ha in LIBYA.
  • Electrical Engineering solution for water supply, sewerage pumping and treatment and storm water drain for 94 towns covering an area of 250 sqkm in LIBYA.
  • Electrical Power Distribution Network and street/Road lighting system design for Libya
  • Preparation of Master Plan for Design of Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drainage, Road Network, Electrical & Telecommunication Network for 94Towns in Libya covering an area of 250 Sq Km.


  • Complete electrical engineering solution with overhead line for a satellite city in Karnataka State.
  • LT and HT power distribution system with overhead line for stone crushing units moved to safer zone at 7 places in Karnataka State.
  • Complete revamping of street/road lighting system in prominent roads for about 10 KM for BBMP/Bangalore.
  • Electrical power distribution system for major cascade water pumping and distribution system for KIADB/ Karnataka.
  • Support engineering for PHE (Public Health Engineering) – BUIDCo/Bihar (9 packages).
  • Low tension System for water Pumping – PHE Department