ROU Master, a web based Right of Use (ROU) Land Acquisition application developed by SECON, automates the complete land acquisition process where only Right of Use(easement corridor) acquisition is required.

ROU Master is useful for managing enormous data collected for various activities involved in ROW Acquisition and generating multilingual and customisable reports.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use for storing, updating and retrievingland records for ROU Acquisition.
  • Compatible for storing data in different languages.
  • Automatically generates multi-lingual notices.
  • Automatic generation of reports for project monitoring as well as for specific cases, which require attention.
  • Automatic calculation of land and crop compensation based on various parameters such as type of land, irrigation facilities and prevailing standard rates available with the revenue department.
  • Secured data access.
  • Improved efficiency with automated, error-free notice generation.
  • Benefit from key GIS (Geographic Information System) functionality at a fraction of the cost and with less complexity.
  • Support for additional customization as per client’s requirement.

Case Study

Client : Gas Transportation Infrastructure & Co. Ltd (GTIL).

Earlier constraint: GTIL, a part of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) a premier industrial group in India, had inadequate IT enabled data process and monitoring system for their cross-country pipelines.

SECON’s role: SECON, the primary vendor for GTIL’s Engineering Consultancy, fulfilled the high quality and data accuracy requirements of GTIL by developing ROU Master for land acquisition process

Implementation: SECON installed ROU Master in all the zonal offices of GTIL for efficient land acquisition and monitoring. User-friendly tools were developed to facilitate automatic generation of Notices and Reports.

Results: High precision accomplished to deal in areas of acquisition and payments.


“ROU Master provides excellent and efficient management of land data and performs all functions of Acquisition in accordance with the statutory requirements. It has all the flexibility and options to accommodate the high degree of variability associated with the acquisition process in different geographical territories and other requirements of the statutory process. The modules are field proven”

Senior Executive Officer, Gas Transportation Infrastructure & Co. Ltd., Mumbai

Major Projects

  • Bangalore – Chennai (BCPL), 247 km
  • Chennai – Madurai (Tirchy), 520 km
  • Saurastra Network Gas Grid, 750 km
  • Hyderabad – Ahmedabad (HAPL), 2500 km
  • Sidhpur – Sanganner (LCBPL), 156 km
  • Viramgam – Ramsar, 504 km
  • Pune – Solapur (PSPL), 342 km
  • Mundra – Dehli (MDPL), 1040 km
  • Cairn Energy India Ltd. (BSPL), 690 km
  • Mahesana Bhatinda (MBP), 1610 km
  • Mallavaram Bhopal (MVPL), 1600 km
  • Bhatinda Jammu (BJPL), 557 km
  • Rewari Kanpur (RKPL), 445 km
  • Mangalore Bangalore (MHBMPL), 397 km
  • Paradeep Haldia Durgapur (PHDPL), 653 km
  • Vadodara Mumbai Expressway, 470 km
  • Numaligarh (NRL), 1336 km