ROW Master, a web based Right of Way (ROW) Acquisition application developed by SECON, automates the complete land acquisition process where permanent land acquisition is required.

ROW Master is useful for managing enormous data collected for various activities involved in ROW Acquisition and generating multilingual and customisable reports for multiple Contract Projects, Corridors and Contract Packages within projects.

Key Features

  • End-to-end process tracking of Land Acquisition
  • Secured Web access to Land Information and Corridor details
  • Automatic multilingual generation of Notification and Notices
  • Compensation Calculator based on defined parameters
  • Progress monitoring dynamic reports with controlled access
  • Integration of GIS Interface


ROW Master reduces the workload by reusing the land information stored in its database. This helps in reducing man-hours involved in the acquisition process. With ROW Master, users gain additional advantage of compensation calculation based on various parameters such as Land Type, Crop Type, Tree Type/Age etc

Simple and easy to use for storing, web based updating and retrieving land information and corridor details

Automatically generates multi-lingual notices and notifications like 3a, 3A, 3D and 3G

Automatic generation of reports for project monitoring and acquisition process status as well as for specific cases, which require attention

Automatic calculation of land and crop compensation based on various parameters such as type of land, irrigation facilities, utility information and prevailing standard rates available with the revenue department.

Secured data access with multiple layers of security provisions.

Improved efficiency with automated, error-free notice generation.

Integration with GIS (Geographic Information System) database for dynamic spatial analysis and reports.

Support for additional customization as per client’s requirement /change in law / process.

Project Executed

Vadodara Mumbai Expressway, 470 km- NHAI